Innovation and Elegance: APTIV at Auto Vino

APTIV hosted an unforgettable event featuring rare and luxury automobiles at the prestigious Auto Vino Event Venue. The air was filled with the essence of fine wines, and the guests celebrated the combination of innovation, luxury, and the art of viticulture. The event showcased cutting-edge automotive technology and an extraordinary collection of high-performance and vintage cars.


APTIV is a company that operates at the intersection of technology and mobility. The company is dedicated to developing innovative solutions that enhance vehicle safety, increase connectivity, and drive the future of autonomous driving. APTIV has a vision to improve transportation’s sustainability and enjoyment. They are leading the way in creating the next generation of mobility solutions.

Event Overview

APTIV recently showcased its latest innovations in automotive technology in an event held at the luxurious Auto Vino. The event was attended by industry professionals, technology enthusiasts, and media and featured an ambiance of luxury automobiles. The occasion was marked by innovation and elegance and demonstrated APTIV’s commitment to excellence and sophistication in the future of mobility.

APTIV’s Technology Showcase

APTIV took the opportunity to showcase its pioneering technologies, which include advanced driver-assistance systems, autonomous driving capabilities, and vehicle connectivity solutions. The event featured interactive displays and expert-led talks, allowing guests to explore the latest innovations in the automotive industry. APTIV’s demonstrations allowed attendees to witness firsthand the potential of these technologies to transform everyday mobility.

Culinary Experience

At the event, guests were treated to a stunning display of innovative technology while enjoying a delicious menu of wood-fired cuisine. The dishes ranged from authentic Neapolitan-style pizzas and gourmet cheeseburgers to sumptuous salmon salads, each carefully crafted to complement the vineyard’s selection of wines. The wine tastings were an excellent opportunity to sample Woodside Vineyards’ finest and experience the local terroir. The perfect pairing of food and drink created an enjoyable atmosphere that made this event a truly memorable experience.

Why Auto Vino?

Auto Vino is a unique venue that combines a vast collection of vintage and luxury cars and the artisanal craft of Woodside Vineyards, creating a perfect blend of automotive excellence and viticultural sophistication. This synergy perfectly represents APTIV’s vision for the future, where technology enhances the driving experience, making it safer, more connected, and more enjoyable. The luxurious setting of the venue and gourmet culinary offerings, curated by a French-trained chef, adds a layer of exclusivity and indulgence to the event, elevating the guest experience to new heights.