Meta's Olympic Games: Cars & Cuisine

Auto Vino hosted a unique team-building event that combined the excitement of Olympic-style competitions with the luxury of high-performance automobiles and the elegant atmosphere of Woodside Vineyard’s winery. Teams participated in creatively designed challenges that promoted unity and strategic thinking. The event balanced competitive zeal with leisure moments, allowing for wine tastings and gourmet dining showcasing the venue’s culinary expertise. This innovative blend of adventure and sophistication strengthened bonds and gave participants a deep appreciation for teamwork, luxury, and fine wines that highlighted their collective achievements.

Culinary Excellence at the Forefront

The culinary aspect of the event is crucial, and the in-house culinary team at Auto Vino manages it. The team is led by a French-trained chef who specializes in wood-fired cuisine. The menu is a testament to their culinary skills and features a Neapolitan-style pizza cooked in a 900-degree wood-fired oven, which truly captures the essence of authenticity.

The dining experience also includes gourmet burgers and tri-tip sandwiches from an iconic 1955 Flexible Diner bus, giving guests a taste of sophisticated Americana. The Salmon Salad offers a delicate balance of flavors for those who prefer lighter fare. This culinary adventure elevates the occasion by seamlessly integrating high-end dining with teamwork, resulting in a remarkable experience that attendees will reminisce about.

Tailored Challenges for Team Growth

The event is divided into challenges to meet all participants’ interests and skill sets, promoting teamwork, creativity, and a competitive spirit in a luxurious environment.

Auto Vino Grand Prix: This mental contest, inspired by its impressive car collection, tests teams on their problem-solving skills and strategic thinking, enhancing collaboration under pressure.

Vineyard Relay: A dynamic blend of physical exertion and intellectual challenge, this relay through the vineyards with winemaking-themed tasks underscores the importance of physical activity, strategic planning, and an appreciation for the art of viticulture.

Gourmet Gauntlet: In this culinary face-off, teams are inspired by vineyard ingredients to showcase their cooking talents, judged by Auto Vino’s renowned chef. This challenge underscores the significance of teamwork and culinary ingenuity.

Sommelier Showdown: An educational yet competitive segment where participants refine their sommelier skills, focusing on wine service, pairing, and blending to enhance attention to detail, teamwork, and an appreciation for viticulture.

Art of the Automobile is a design competition that draws inspiration from the luxury car museum. It encourages innovation and celebrates the fusion of automotive excellence with artistic creativity, reflecting Meta’s forward-thinking ethos.

Fostering Meta’s Spirit of Innovation

The event’s design perfectly reflects Meta’s innovative spirit. Each challenge is created to encourage teamwork and creativity and celebrate the convergence of technology, art, and luxury. The event offers a variety of culinary delights and competitive but educational challenges. It takes place in the luxurious setting of Auto Vino, which reflects Meta’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and community.

A Unifying Experience

Auto Vino offers a unique team-building event that goes beyond just completing challenges. It’s an all-inclusive experience intended to improve team dynamics, cultivate an innovative work culture, and celebrate excellence. The activities involved in the event require a mix of skills – from culinary expertise to strategic thinking and creative innovation. By participating in these activities, teams can develop a deeper bond and grow together. The event boosts team cohesion and morale while also leaving a lasting impression. It celebrates the pioneering spirit of Meta in the unmatched elegance of Auto Vino, making every moment a step towards more robust, more unified teams.