Six Decades of Winemaking Mastery

Woodside Vineyards has a 60+ year legacy in California’s viticultural history. Situated in Woodside, the vineyard expertly grows and harvests grapes from private estates. It partners with Auto Vino to transform the bountiful harvest into wine using traditional and modern techniques at a facility in San Carlos. This results in a wine portfolio that captures Woodside’s terroir.

A Tradition Rooted in Woodside’s Terroir

The story of Woodside Vineyards is a testimony to the enduring charm of the Woodside region, which is famous for its ideal grape-growing weather. The vineyard takes immense pride in its precise viticulture approach, handpicking only the best grapes from private estates that benefit from the region’s microclimates. This careful management ensures that each varietal showcases its origin’s rich, nuanced character, making Woodside Vineyards a shining example of local winemaking excellence.

The Art of Winemaking at Auto Vino

At Auto Vino’s facility located in San Carlos, expert winemakers use their skills and knowledge to transform grapes into wine with utmost care and respect. Woodside Vineyards, with decades of experience in winemaking and access to the latest technological advancements at Auto Vino, creates wines that not only showcase the unique flavors of the Woodside area but also embody the precision and care required for modern winemaking. The winery’s commitment to quality and authenticity is met within these walls, resulting in innovative wines deeply rooted in tradition.

An Exclusive Portfolio of Wines

Woodside Vineyards is proud to showcase its exceptional collection of refined wines produced over the years. Each bottle is a testament to the rich terroir of Woodside, offering a diverse range of wines that cater to every palate. Woodside Vineyards has everything from solid and full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignons that pack a punch with bold flavors to delicate and smooth Chardonnays that tantalize the taste buds with subtle notes. The vineyard’s lively Pinot Noirs and robust Zinfandels are equally impressive, each capturing the essence of Woodside’s unique landscape. The winemakers are committed to preserving the nature of the terroir, and every sip of their wine invites connoisseurs to explore the depth and diversity of its offerings.

A Legacy of Innovation and Community

The partnership between Woodside Vineyards and Auto Vino is more than just a collaboration on winemaking. It represents Woodside Vineyards’ commitment to innovation and community engagement. By working together, the vineyard can share its passion for winemaking with a broader audience, celebrating the art of wine with every event hosted at Auto Vino. Through this partnership, Woodside Vineyards continues to build connections, bringing together wine enthusiasts and connoisseurs to appreciate the craftsmanship behind each bottle.

A Journey of Excellence and Craftsmanship

Woodside Vineyards has been making wine in Woodside, California, for over six decades, and it continues to be a testament to the enduring legacy of winemaking in the region. The vineyard is committed to producing wines that truly reflect their origin and embody the spirit of their area. Collaborating with Auto Vino has opened up new avenues for innovation and excellence, ensuring that the vineyard remains at the forefront of California’s winemaking scene. As Woodside Vineyards looks to the future, it carries forward the traditions that have made it successful, promising many more years of exceptional winemaking that celebrates the rich tapestry of Woodside’s viticultural heritage.